Contemporary artist working between sculpture and printmaking. MA Fine Art graduate from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (Merit; 2017-19). BA (Hons) Art & Design graduate from the University of Leeds (First; 2013-17).

By staging conditions in which the interplay between gravity, balance, weight, physicality, hapticity, phenomenology and colour is infinitely fluctuating and dynamic, my work relishes the material unpredictability of process-led sculpture and its anthropomorphic relationship to the viewer.

My practice is characterised by an underlying proclivity to transform soft or malleable substrates into encrusted, fixed or finite masses. Typically, this involves combining no more than two materials that symbiotically perform each other in continuum. Polarities between security and precariousness, fixity and changeability, tension and slack, contemplation and spontaneity, and action and aftermath comprise conceptual interests which have emanated from my recent theatrical ‘processions’ of self-supporting sculptures.

The broad, non-indexical language of contrastingly fluid and frozen forms that I have developed is also driven by my fascination with how each viewer’s corporeal, perceptual, tactile and synaesthetic capacities inform their experience of my work, simultaneously activating my sculptures’ materiality as a subjective event of encountering, entering and becoming.

Selected works on paper are represented by Kovet.Art.
Selected sculptures and works on fabric are represented by Made in Arts London.

With 'Metallic Gestures I' & 'Metallic Gestures II' / Photo Copyright © Christopher Pearson 2018

Within 'Procession' (my installation at the Central Saint Martins Degree Show) / Photo Copyright © Lorna MacRitchie/Christopher Pearson 2019

Between two of my 'Procession' sculptures at the CSM Degree Show / Photo Copyright © Christopher Pearson 2019

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